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'Like me, my work – in pictures and stories – has its roots in the European culture we share with the United Kingdom and the United States of America.' Dorothy Gauvin, Australian artist and author

A gift with Life-Long value
Choosing a suitable gift for someone important in your life can become a real headache for a generous but sensitive giver. You'd like to please the person whose special event is being celebrated. But if you're not certain about their tastes, or their political or religious beliefs, there's a real risk of offending them. Spending too much on a present can look excessive but a cheap one can look as if you don't care.

One category of gift that never fails to please is a Book. Let it be one that combines interesting information, humour, a light serve of down-to-earth philosophy with pictures to enhance the text

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Books in Short Supply

All Gauvin Books now in short supply. Buyers are asked to Contact the Author for details.